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Testimonials: What are our clients saying?

"Recovering from a herniated disc has been one of life’s toughest challenges for me.  Once diagnosed I was overwhelmed with information and advice.  Thankfully, I talked to  two people who had recovered - without surgery - and took their advice.  From the first day I visited Eagle Orthopedics, I felt completely comfortable and encouraged.  They evaluated my car and office space to make sure I was optimizing my day - to - day position so I could recover.  They helped me re-learn my everyday movement to reduce stress and after only 5 months, I’m ready to hike the trails again this summer."
- MB
Get back on the bike after a neck, shoulder, lower back or knee injury
"I have been coming to Eagle Orthopedic for years. Due to too many injuries over the years, Eagle PT  has had to treat my neck, knee, hand, back and shoulder.  I would almost call myself a connoisseur in physical therapy. I can not say enough positive things about my experiences here! I would, and do recommend Eagle to everyone I know! Their goal is to give you the tools to get you back on your feet and functioning as soon as possible."
- NH

"I was in a car accident on Oct. 4, 2005.  I connected with a tree and fractured my pelvis and hip socket.  The doctors patched me up and a few weeks later I was ready for some physical therapy.  Michael first came to our home, which was a huge blessing.  I was not able to come to the gym for quite a while because I was weak and in a lot of pain.  I lost 25 pounds over the first month.  Over the past seven months I have come to PT 2-3 times a week.  During this time I have gained 20 of the 25 pounds I lost, able to walk again, and get around pretty well.  Michael has been such an encouragement through battles with lack of motivation at times and chronic nerve pain.  I would say I have improved in every way possible and although my recovery is not yet full and complete.  I believe that it is possible to achieve that through continued P.T."

"Before my operation to replace both knees I could barely walk. After the operation I could still barely walk but Michael and Christi put me on a program that now has me walking and living a normal life. In my opinion, while making the decision to have surgery it is important to remember that physical therapy is an essential part of the recovery process. Certainly Michael and Christi have stayed with me and guided me back to a walking life. Thank you MIchael and Christi!"

Did not think you could get back to climbing after a shoulder injury or surgery"While working as a ski patroller at Grand Targhee, I hit a rock and tore my ACL.   I had  a hamstring graft within a week of the accident.  After just four months of good times physical therapy with Eagle PT, I was hiking and climbing again. Since that time I have worked and skied over 300 days, with no pain or injury.  I credit much of this to the time I spent at Eagle Orthopedics.   The PT's were great to work with; both kind and motivating, they made the process of recovery effective and fun."

"Three years ago I had a rare inferior shoulder dislocation, complicated by a double rotator cuff tear. A number of folks told me I’d probably get back 80-85% of motion recovery.  With the patient and extremely knowledgeable help of my therapist, three years later, I can say I recovered 100% of both motion recovery and range.  As a professional ski instructor, I’ve since completed two 100+ consecutive day seasons, without any complications.  What I liked about Mike was his sense of both pace and progress. He was a master at encouraging me when I was down, and knew exactly how to light a fire under me when I needed a little re-focus.
I don’t plan on getting injured again,but if I do, Mike is my personal rehabilitation guru. It’s that simple."

"Two months after ACL surgery, and I already feel up for skiing at Targhee.  I will wait a while longer, but if I feel this good now, I can only imagine how great I will feel come February."
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